Saturday, June 20, 2009

Messing around in boats

Most of the gaming I do is DB*-based, and one of the features of those rules systems is that many of the army lists include the option to field naval elements. The rules are highly abstracted, and I've never been able to use them effectively. Still, it's a good excuse to paint up some naval models, and I finally got around to doing up some lead I've had lying around for a variety of armies.

Xyston's collection of classical-era galleys are excellent additions to my various Hellenistic forces. The trihemiolia and galley here are both mounted on the standard DB* 40mm X 80mm base. Much too big to field enough to refight Salamis, but good enough to shuttle my Antigonid Athenian allies around a flank.

Our local gaming shop recently stocked up on Valiant's line of Armada-era English and Spanish ships. I added a couple of Carracks and Caravels to fill in on my various DBR armies. These have been painted with vaguely Portuguese markings so they can be used in an Imperial or Spanish army of the sixteenth or early seventeenth centuries, or as Porguguese colonials, if I ever expand out my collection of Grumpy Porguguese colonials sufficiently to field an entire army of them.

The same Valiant line also includes some Mediterranean Galleasses and Galleys, which could be handy additions to any of my fifteenth or sixteenth century Italian armies.

Finally, I got around to painting up some Chinese junks, made by Irregular, which could appear in the Ming army I've finally finished painting. This looks a bit small for the typical war-junk of the era, but it will have to do. Lindberg Models made a really nice plastic junk model that's just the right size. I have one of these, and whenever I get around to waterlining it, I can add it to the growing fleet.