Saturday, May 29, 2010

KublaCon 2010 - Friday Night - Chaeronea

OK, so I haven't been updating since the last convention. But here's the latest from KublaCon, where I just finished a Big Battle DBA scenario of Chaeronea (Macedonians vs. Greeks). I like to do something simple for a Friday night game, and DBA works well for that. One thing I did learn is that 25mm figures are MUCH better at gaining attention than 15s.

The Greek Commanders

The Macedonian Commanders
I was pleased with the way the game went. We had about half new players and half experienced DB* people. The scenario isn't even necessarily the most interesting, since it's mainly a contest between spear and pike. Despite that, there was enough interesting stuff going on, and it stayed exciting to the end.

I let the players set up their sides, but forced them to keep the relative positions of the commands.
The game started looking good for the Greeks. Alexander charged the Theban cavalry, and failed to break through. The Greek allied peltasts in the center managed to drive off the Agrianian slingers facing them. Philip sent his Thracians (they were supposed to be hypaspists, but I didn't get around to painting enough) on a flanking maneuver through the hills, and suffered initial setbacks against the Athenians.

Things went from bad to worse for Alexander's command, as some of the Companions were destroyed as Theban cavalry and skirmishers trapped them against the river. Alexander only barely managed to escape, withdrawing from the position. At this point, the Macedonian pike charged in.

There were some tense moments for Philip, as his Companions were in danger of getting surrounded by the Athenians. However, the pike managed to save the day, breaking first the Greek allied command, and then the Athenians, decisively winning the day for the Macedonians.

Definitely a fun game, and it's convinced me to focus on getting more 25mm lead painted. Incidentally, the figures are all true 25s. In fact, most of the hoplites are really 1/72nd plastic figures from HaT and Zvezda. 

DBA tournament tomorrow. (Just to be weird, I'm showing up with Ghurids.) Then I have a massive Field of Glory scenario for Towton in the evening.

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