Sunday, June 22, 2008

More FoG and general update

I hosted a late Medieval FoG game at GameKastle last Friday, 13 June. It was a French Ordonnance against late German match. I'll have to remember in such introductory games not to give the army with the larger number of high-quality troops to the more experienced players. I had a lot of fun pushing the Swiss across the map, but it was frustrating for the beginning player facing me. (In the image above, you can see them about to outflank some lesser German pike, while the hapless Imperial forces try to keep up.)
Just yesterday, Mike K. organized a game of Alexandrian Imperial against Classical Indians at the South Bay Gaming Club's latest meeting place -- the Prince of Peace Lutheran Church in Saratoga. I keep on threatening to organize something involving Landsknechts, but just haven't got around to it yet. It would obviously need more Reiters -- and then I have to figure out which rule set to use -- DBR? Nobody wants to play it any more. Maximilian? Nobody here has heard of it. Piquet? I don't know the rules well enough. Warmaster Ancients? I'm really not all that into them myself. And ... well I can keep on coming up with more excuses for not doing it eventually.

In painting, I'm still slogging through the Hellenistic figures I've accumulated, having finally finished the Kappadokians, one stand of Persian scythed chariot I had lying around, and now working on an Aitolian Greek army. (Several stands of hoplite spear surrounded by a cloud of light psiloi and a few light horse.)

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