Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Xyston Kappadokians

Xyston makes lovely, if rather oversized figures for 15mm. Sometimes it gets difficult just to squeeze enough onto a stand.

Despite that, I've managed to accumulate quite a few due to the efforts of the Friday Knights, a group of miniatures enthusiasts who meet (on Friday nights, of course) at Game Kastle in Santa Clara, not far from the San Jose Airport. Most of the members have some amount of Successor-era figures. The store started stocking Xyston, and has done surprisingly well at selling them, given that I'm not used to seeing 15mm historical figures sell at all most of the time.

For this week, 6 June, I'm hoping to show up with the figures for a Field of Glory game, featuring some late Medieval armies. So far, I've come up with something vaguely based on Guinegate. Which is to say, I've picked two evenly matched French Ordonnance and Late Medieval German armies from the army lists.

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